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Video systems and audiovisual complexes

Radio 21 company offers its services in designing, installation and maintenance of audiovisual complexes and video systems.

Improve your clients's experience with the help of interactive displays

Retail stores, restaurants, cafes, fashion and beauty industry businesses can attract passer-by customers by displaying information about their promotions, sales, menus, and goods.

Displays of this kind can also be used to demonstrate products inside the store, replay video clips, messages with text, images and video.

Such high-tech advertising not only creates cozy and client-friendly atmosphere, but also helps to improve the perception of the store and form the right brand image.

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Hotel displays

Smart hotel displays to meet the expectations of the 21st-century travellers. These days, guests can feel discouraged and annoyed if they find a bulky analog or even LCD TV set in their room. Modern travellers expect high-quality equipment with ultra high definition and even curved screen for the best watching experience. They also pay attention to high-end design and simple and intuitive controls.

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Our Video Production studio offers the following services:

  • Video shooting
  • Processing video material, editing, production of video clips
  • 2D and 3D graphics
  • Animation
  • Slide shows
  • Video capture and digitalization
  • Processing material, creating a movie (corporate films, presentations)
  • Writing scripts
  • Storyboarding
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