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«The impact of music or audiovisual programs on people's behavior is largely underestimated. Music can be used not just as a marketing tool to attract buyers to your business. In fact, you can use it to increase the time the customers spend at your store, their commitment to your brand, their willingness to spend more, and even encourage the sales of any product».

Dr. Adrian North, University of Leicester

High standards of customer service, equipment and design of a boutique, restaurant, hotel – all these aspects are vitally important to attract more clients. And music is one of the most important factors of all.

The right choice of music can encourage a client to stay at your bar for longer, buy a certain good at the store, and buy membership to the fitness center.

Radio 21 offers to you a wide range of music channels to exactly match your customers' image and the determining characteristics of your business. Our specialists aim at close cooperation with you to understand the goals of your business and develop the best recommendations on the choice of musical style.

It is possible thanks to our colossal database of music (about 2 million samples, about 150 music styles, including music, cleared in copyright and related rights), highly-professional staff and also cooperation with Russian and international record companies.

Different types of equipment allow you to continuously broadcast music 24/7 and update your database regularly.

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