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Welcome to Radio21 website

Radio 21 is the first company in the Russian market to offer music solutions for trade businesses, service companies, and catering.

Music is becoming more and more important, as entertainment and a means of communication. Everyone listens to it, customers and clients, and we at Radio 21 strive to create the best musical, informational, and advertising programs, basing on our knowledge of psychology, selecting relevant music, and improving quality to achieve maximum impact and provide a positive image and advertising support for our clients.

Radio 21 is an innovative company, not only in the field of supply of music solutions for businesses, but also in broadcasting technologies.

The company was founded in December 1998, and we invested a lot of time and effort in the development of the project's concept of the project and marketing research.

The first results were not long in coming and the first contracts for music services were concluded in February. Gradually, the number of clients grew, and the technology offered at the first stage (programs were recorded on tapes and disks), became outdated and replaced by satellite broadcasting.

Starting from mid-2001 the company's customers were transferred to the new technology and the number of clients multiplied

In the middle of 2002 the company launched a new type of product called Music Box, designed for music broadcasting in buildings where access to the satellite isn't possible and to offer a wider choice of music channels. It immediately became popular and highly-demanded among restaurants, bars, cafes and boutiques.

The Internet brought into our life new forms and technologies of music broadcasting and that's how Internet Music Box appeared

We also concentrate on the technical equipment of business and high-quality sound. In response to this need, in September 2002 we introduced to the market the system of internal warning of trading rooms, audio equipment under the BMC Music brand.

Since 2007, the creativity and production center ROSA and SP, has been working on music recording and protecting copyright and related rights during broadcasting in public places, in particular, in stores, customer floors, and lobbies.